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Laniwyn Care has a duty of care to ensure our carers and clients are safe during support.

We have plans in place, if the need arises, to ensure all calls rostered or scheduled are covered; this includes having bank staff, having 4 carers available for a 1:1 support and 6 carers available for a 2:1 support etc.

Be rest assured that our Infection Control Policy adhered to by our carers is effective enough to reduce the Corona Viral spread. This includes:

  1. Carers washing their hands/using hand sanitizer before and after support
  2. The strict use of Gloves during personal care
  3. A Clear technique of how to wash their hand and how to use the hand sanitizer
  4. We have advised them (based on advise given by NHS) not to touch their face and always wash their hands when they get home.
  5. We have also advised that if they are having any pneumonia like symptoms they should inform the office before attending their calls

We would also like to advise our clients to;

  1. Wash your hand regularly particularly when you come home
  2. Don’t touch your face when you out doors
  3. Call us if you having any pneumonia like symptoms
  4. Inform us if you just arrived from an international holiday
  5. Buy enough hand sanitizer and use regularly indoor or outdoor.

For more information on the COVID 19:

Please see washing hand techniques:

Please see technique of how to use Hand Sanitizer: